♦ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed                                                           ♦ Buy trust, confidence, and security
♦ Hassle-free Experience                                                                          ♦ Made for Fun
♦ Engineered and Manufactured in Ohio, USA                                    ♦ This is the stuff dreams are made of
♦ Designed for us first, the market second                                          ♦ No Regrets
Why risk a bad print with sub-par filament? Start with superior material for a superior print, every time. We engineered this filament for ourselves, because we wanted the best. Then, we decided to share it with everyone else.
IC3D customers aren’t just buying the best products. They’re buying the trust, confidence, and security that comes from a team who designs their products for themselves first, and the market second. IC3D filament is developed exclusively for 3D printers and is manufactured in Ohio, USA. A trouble-free experience and 100% satisfaction are core components of our culture.
Enjoy, and above all else, have fun!