Dear IC3D Customers,

It was recently brought to our attention that we had some incorrectly labeled product.  Upon an immediate investigation, we found the root cause to be misprinted labels from our label supplier.  To our knowledge, this is currently only isolated to 1.75mm 2lb PLA BLACK product.  We are also able to 100% guarantee that the actual filament is indeed PLA.  We have attached an image below to show what our correct labels looks like for ABS and PLA 2lb’ers.

Steps we have taken so far:

  1. Recalled all of our 1.75mm 2lb PLA BLACK from the fulfillment warehouse
  2. Inspected all of our 2lb PLA product at our manufacturing facility
  3. Sent free replacement product to the Customers who have contacted us (3 cases as of this posting)
  4. Worked with our label supplier to understand their root cause to ensure this doesn’t happen again

Next steps we are taking:

  1. Once we have confirmation that 100% of the 1.75mm 2lb PLA BLACK product has been pulled from the fulfillment warehouse, we will immediately ship out a batch of individually hand inspected product
  2. Continue to work with individual Customers to immediately ship out replacement product directly from our factory
  3. Blasting this post and information on our social media channels

What to do if you receive a mislabeled unit:

  1. PLEASE DON’T SHIP IT BACK!  We want to prevent mislabeled product from getting cycled back into the inventory at the fulfillment warehouse.  It’s extremely difficult for us to track these.  Since this is 100% guaranteed to be PLA, you can use it in addition to a free replacement.  If not, we ask you to please recycle it.
  2. CONTACT US! Let us know by any means (our website, Amazon, eBay, etc) and we will send you a free replacement ASAP and as well as issue you a full refund.

The IC3D Team sincerely thanks you for supporting our business by using our products.  We want to do everything possible to earn your trust.  IC3D operates by the philosophy of “Continuous Improvement” in all aspects of the business: Manufacturing, 3D Printing Service, Customer Support, etc, so we will always improve and prevent these kinds of mistakes from happening.

Michael Cao
Founder / CEO