We first met Corban McIntosh when he contacted us to ask about our black filament. “Hi, I’m trying to buy 3mm black PLA 2 lb spool, but every brand is out of stock. You guys are my favorite brand.” After responding to his query, we learned that Corban is more than a tinkerer and 3D printing is much more than a hobby to him.

Corban 2

A California resident and 8th grade student, this young entrepreneur owns and manages a successful eBay business. After turning his innovative ideas and designs into tangible items, McIntosh lists and sells them. Among his offerings are wildly popular 6-inch 3D printed black batarangs. For those who don’t know, this roughly bat-shaped throwing weapon is a play on the boomerang idea. An important part of Batman’s arsenal, these objects appear in every movie and television adaptation of the popular DC comics Batman storyline where they offer an effective way for the vigilante hero to rid assailants of their guns.

Also available behind McIntosh’s storefront are 3D printed 4x cable holders and a 3D printed iPhone 6 case in blue PLA. Designs for the 3D printed Apple cable protector, USB protector, and charger protector as well as a well-received finger wrench are from Thingverse.com. After obtaining permission from the designers, McIntosh began printing and selling them in his eBay store.

Corban 4

The ambitious student plans to continue learning about 3D printing and developing his eBay inventory. One of his goals is to gain entry to The Marin School of the Arts at Novato High School so he can dedicate even more time and energy to design and 3D printing.

Corban McIntosh is exactly the sort of maker we love to support here at IC3D. His feedback is important to us, and his story is inspiring. For more information about how tinkerers, hobbyists, 3D printing enthusiasts, and innovative creators can use IC3D printer filament, or to tell us about your project, go ahead and contact us today.

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