Big Area Additive Manufacturing –BAAM – A Tour of Cincinnati Inc.

A great way to spend a Wednesday – IC3D Founder Michael Cao scores a tour of Cincinnati Inc. The factory is a classic case of old world technology spawning the next generation of high tech digital machines. IC3D was delighted to join a handful of industry leaders to discuss potential projects using BAAM printers. BAAM stands for Big Area Additive Manufacturing.

Increasingly, IC3D clients are interested in larger and larger prints and IC3D took the opportunity to visit Cincinnati Inc., a world innovator in CNC laser-cutters and hydraulic press brakes who have co-developed the BAAM system. 

To give you an idea of size

To give you an idea of size

“Speed, size and durability are challenges in the 3D printing business.  Cincinnati Inc. is at the forefront of developing equipment, control systems and materials that enable large scale 3D printing,” said Michael Cao, Founder and CEO. “IC3D launched its 3D printing service bureau earlier this year focusing on larger build volumes to cater to a diverse audience of companies demanding larger prints in the areas of automotive manufacturing, architecture, furniture and art and design.”

Since speed and size have long been challenges for the 3D printing industry. Cincinnati Inc and Oak Ridge National Labs have developed an extruder head capable of laying down up to 80 pounds of material per hour. This is an impressive feat as their previous generation extruder could output only 40 pounds of material per hour. The group also discussed how new materials and coatings increase strength, durability, surface finish and printability of larger objects.

From food and furniture to houses and automobiles – 3D printing is altering the manufacturing landscape.

IC3D provides rapid prototyping services using a variety of additive manufacturing technologies to produce your low volume product, tooling, jigs and fixtures. Contact us for an educational presentation or tour of our R&D facility in Columbus, Ohio.