UPC Amazon mistake

Recently, we’ve gotten a few notifications from our customers about receiving the incorrect size or color 3D printing filament.  To avoid mix-ups like this, we keep 1.75mm and 3mm spools, labels, boxes and even UPC stickers on opposite sides of the room.  Immediately, we checked out the quality control at our factory (in Ohio) even though we knew this situation would be unlikely.

After receiving some returned spools from Amazon, the truth was revealed.  The folks at Amazon’s warehouse usually put their own product bar code over our UPC code.  For some reason, they were putting WRONG labels over our CORRECT ones!  Check out the picture above of one of the returned boxes we got.  Our UPC label is for 1.75mm Natural (which is correct).  However, Amazon put a label for 3mm Black!  We’ve notified them and they launched a physical check of all the inventory we had there.  After a day, we were told that all items were “checked and corrected,” however we weren’t told how many they had to fix.

Anyhow, if any customers were effected, we sincerely apologize for this experience.  I can imagine the shock of getting completely different size and/or color filament when you open up the box in excitement.  If you did have to experience this, please contact us!  Regardless of whether or not you returned the original spool back to wherever you made the purchase, we’ll send you a new (correct!) spool for free.

Hope you give IC3D another try!

Update 4/8: More examples of mislabeled units that got returned to us!