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For 3D Printers, By 3D Printers ™

IC3D’s mission is to enable curious tinkerers and inspire young inventors with the high-quality 3D printing gear they will enjoy, while exploring and expressing their inner creativity to the world.

IC3D customers aren’t just buying the best products. They’re buying the trust, confidence, and security that can only come from a team who designs their products for themselves first, and the market second.

IC3D filament is developed exclusively for 3D printers and manufactured in Ohio, USA, by us. 100% satisfaction and a trouble-free experience are the core components of our culture.

Our Filament


IC3D is one of the first 3D printer companies to manufacture our own line of 3D printing filament (the “ink”) exclusively for 3D printing. At a time when filament from other industries such as plastic welding was being used, IC3D recognized the need for a new material with properties made especially for 3D printing machines.

With our in-house manufacturing process, combined with our expertise and focus, we can provide the highest quality product at an affordable price.

We currently offer our IC3D 3mm and 1.75mm ABS filament in 6 exciting colors! (red, blue, green, yellow, black and natural) Each order of ABS filament comes wound on a plastic spool. Specially manufactured to our specs, the diameter of the filament has an extremely tight-tolerance <0.5mm. Countless hours of testing have been spent to prove out the quality of this material. This ABS is compatible with nearly all 3D printers that can accept 3mm and 1.75mm diameter filament.

PLA Filament – A Sustainable ChoicePLA 3mm Natural

IC3D also provides PLA filament in 3mm and 1.75mm. This high quality product is made from biodegradable polymer resin and boasts the same tight tolerances of <0.5mm.

Available in 6 vibrant colors (red, blue, grey, white, black, and natural).

IC3D in the Lab

We are always pushing the boundaries to provide the highest quality products. In collaborations with researchers at universities in the U.S., IC3D has a number of new filaments under development using plentiful and sustainable feedstocks such as bio-materials. Our team of engineers are also exploring the optimal filament materials for printing everything from heat and light resistant auto parts to durable prosthetic limbs.

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IC3D in the Classroom

IC3D has a commitment to education and sharing knowledge with the current generation of inventors and students. We will send a free spool of filament to teachers and students for their classroom 3D print projects. All we ask is that you share with us the pictures of you and your projects and a review of how our filament performed for your design.


IC3D – Calling All Makers

If you are a maker then IC3D wants to hear from you! We are always looking to meet up at MakerFaires and share ideas and expertise. We like to get your feedback on our products and hear about what you are working on.


IC3D Store

IC3D uses Amazon e-commerce platform to sell our products. While we are exploring other platforms for export to other countries, e-commerce allows us to keep the product fresh and our costs low to deliver to you as efficiently as possible. IC3D also offers a few related products beyond filament. Specifically, a line of hotends for your 3D printer, finishing products to complete your 3D printed masterpiece and moldable plastic for easy repairs, cosplay or just creativity.

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