We now have our own 3D printing filament in Amazon warehouses! Thanks in no small part to a successful Indiegogo campaign this past summer (“Better 3D Printing Filament“), we’ve been able to obtain our own plastic commercial extrusion line to produce our own 3D printing filament right here in Ohio, USA.

Our goal was to deliver “better” filament: higher-quality, better specifications held, lower cost, and locally produced. Please support us by trying out our filament from Amazon!

Currently, Black and Natural are available in 3mm. In about a week, we should have Red, Blue, Orange and Green also in 3mm. Within a couple of weeks, we should have all 6 colors in 1.75mm.
We’re also trying to connect with more 3D printing / 3D printer companies and bot-farms. If you are one of these, let us know and we can send you some free samples.


IMG_4495 blck 600px